I have always had a keen eye for picking out unique qualities from within our ordinary world.  I see objects in a very abstract way and my goal is to share this skewed view through photography.

When I was 12, I received my first camera which was a Kodak 110.  When my parents gave me that camera, I was elated.  I felt like a grownup.  I felt independent.  I took that camera everywhere and I took pictures of everything.  Being a photographer felt so natural.

In 2005, I graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and art education certifications to teach art to students in grades K-12 in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  While at Moore, as part of the art education curriculum, I chose to take a photography class to satisfy an elective.

It was a black and white photography class and I had to borrow a 35mm camera from a friend.  The first day of class, we toured the photography studio and I was in complete awe.  I had never been in a darkroom.  It was so exciting!

That semester, I practically lived in the darkroom.  Dipping paper into various bins of chemicals and seeing my images slowly appear was like magic.  I was devoting a lot of my spare time taking photographs, dipping, dodging and  burning.  I got that natural feeling again like I did when I was 12. I was and continue to be hooked!

In addition to taking photographs, I volunteer with a local animal shelter where I walk dogs, lead adoption events and transport animals to rescue groups in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  I am also back in the classroom, but not as an art teacher.  Instead, I am speaking to students in Philadelphia schools and educating them about animal abuse and the importance of spaying and neutering pets to prevent the overpopulation of unwanted animals.

I  currently reside in South Philadelphia, PA with my very supportive (and very patient) husband, Chris.  We have 3 cats, Sassy, Taz and Gus; 1 huge red-eared slider turtle named Sammy; and of course, 2 pugs named Max and Frankie.


I’m that supportive and patient husband, Chris. I’ve always had an appreciation for photography but never took an active interest in it until the last few years. I have a computer science degree from Rutgers University and in a few words, could be labeled a nerd.

I love capturing things that people have forgotten, like abandoned places and technology. Capturing old logos on top of buildings, intricate stone masonry and forgotten technology are just some of the subjects I like to photograph.

I may be just starting out, but I’m very passionate about our work. It’s a great feeling to explore the hobby of photography together.